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Jousting Tournaments

No-one wants to miss the Abbey Festival’s heart stopping jousting tournament! Every year, the jousting tournaments are big crowd pleasers as they’re treated to an exciting display of skill, grace and honour. Our jousting team are professional Jousters both international and Australian with real talent and a big understanding of jousting weaponry and traditions.

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Jousting is a major part of the Abbey Medieval Festival experience. The Abbey strives to be the leader amongst Australian Museums in bringing History to life! The Joust tournaments are a thrilling part of medieval history that everyone can enjoy the spectacle and drama that unfolds before them in the Jousting List!!
In medieval times, the best knights would travel from tournament to tournament, and were the “sports celebrities” of their day. To get into the spirit of the Abbey Medieval Tournament, we will introducing you to the good knights who will be jousting this year as well as their Horses. We hope you choose your favourite and cheer them on!
Meet the Jousters and their noble horses!

Justin Holland  Justin Holland

Justin Holland has been jousting since 1996. He has jousted all over the world, including Australia, New Zealand, Belgium, France, Poland and the UK. Justin was the champion of Kryal Castle 2004, St Michael’s Tournament Champion 2006 and 2012, and Zamek Gniew Tournament 2010. Justin is the Jousting and Horse Master at Kryal Castle in Ballarat
And with all the extra jousting under his belt with the Kryal castle joust shows – he is a force to be reckoned with!
Justin Holland on Dakota. Dakota loves the jousting at the Abbey Medieval Festival!
He was the team captain of victorious Australian jousting team at the 2010 Knight’s Challenge Tournament, Taupo, New Zealand, and runs Nova Hollandia, a jousting troupe from New South Wales. Justin is a founding member and instructor with the International Jousting Association.
Justin has been the Abbey Tournaments jousting winner twice, in both 2006 and 2012.
It will be easy to spot Justin. His coat of arms is three white fleur de lys on a red field, and his motto is Invictus in animo (Unconquered in spirit).


L. Dale Walter  L. Dale Walter

From: Howell MI, USA
Started Jousting: 1983
Motto: Aut viam inveniam aut faciam (I will either find a way or make one)

Dale is very excited to return to Australia and the Abbey Medieval festival to defend his title of “Tournament Champion” that he won here in 2013.

Starting his riding career as a working cowboy in Northern Colorado, Dale began his jousting career in the early 80’s when he was approached by a local Renaissance Festival, and offered the princely sum of $35 per day to joust.

From those humble beginnings Dale has expanded to joust on 3 continents, scoring victories at multiple tournaments, as well as being selected to represent the USA in competition against the French National Team at the prestigious Neauphil le Chateau, France, tournament in 2012, where Team USA emerged victorious over their French opponents.

Dale is not only a force on horseback, but on the ground as well. He represents the United States as a commander on the USA Knights team that fights in “no holds barred” armored combat with the International Medieval Combat Federation. Dale has done battle in both France and Spain at the world championships utilizing sword, mace, and pole axe, in team competitions.
In 2013 Dale achieved one of his greatest dreams, and was knighted as a brother into the Knights of the Drawn Sword, the only such order recognized by the United States Government. He is one of 58 people in the United States that legally can claim the title of “Sir”.

Dale is quite recognizable on the field as his red, white, and blue “Captain America” armor, and aggressive ‘cowboy’ riding style, make him easy to spot among the other knights.

Alison Habsburg Alison H

From Calgary, Alberta, Canada, Alison Mercer started historical equitation in 2003, studying the weaponry and tactics of Alexander the Great’s cavalry as an undergraduate. She took up jousting in 2011, feeling it is one of the most ‘extreme’ forms of reenactment. Alison is particularly interested in the history of the joust at the court of Emperor Maximilian I (1459 – 1519). Her first international tournament was Lysts on the Lake in Texas, 2012, and she has ridden extensively in western Canada since then.

Alison is the curator of the Air Force Museum of Alberta and is a seasoned costume designer in her spare time. She is thrilled and honoured to be riding at Abbey Medieval Festival 2014.


Vicki Subritzky Vicki Subritzky

Vicki in NZ (photo by Graeme Highet)

Vicki on Takhoma at the Abbey. (Photo by Michelle Barraclough)
New Zealands Lady Victoria Subritzky has been jousting for thirteen years, and is a member of the IJL, Order of the Boar and Guild of the Hawk. This is her fifth visit across the ditch to compete in The ABBEY Joust. Lady Victoria rides in late 13th Century armour. This light armour allows for more mobility whilst riding. A favourite of the crowds (and the horses), Vicky is a gentle hand with her mounts as they form a firm partnership down the lists.
At home in Whangarei, New Zealand, the Lady Victoria works with Young Thoroughbreds on a stud farm and farms cattle. She enjoys visiting our great country and wants to go work in the outback at some stage.


Sarah Hay Sarah Hay

‘Courage. Passion. Integrity.’
An equestrian since before she could walk, Sarah has competed in the disciplines of hacking, dressage, side saddle, camp drafting, sporting, jumping, eventing, mounted archery and now jousting. Her passion for the joust was inspired at first sight of the sport in 2007. Sarah started jousting in 2008. In 2010 she leapt into the great unknown to try her hand against the Europeans, where she became the first woman to win the sport joust at Hackaland, Belgium. Since then she has competed internationally each year, visiting Belgium, Canada, France, Denmark, Poland, USA and New Zealand. Sarah is the highest ranked female jouster in the International Jousting League. She competes in balsa tip jousting.
In 2013 alone here are some of her achievements…

2013 Jousting Champion – Grand Tournament of St Charles, Illinois, USA
2013 Equal first place – Skill at Arms, Grant Tournament of St Charles, Illinois, USA
2013 Runner Up – International Joust Tournament – Lysts on the Lake International Jousting Tournament, Texas, USA
2013 Awarded the prize for chivalry – Lysts on the Lake International Jousting Tournament, Texas, USA
2013 Equal third – Brooks International Joust, Brooks, Canada
2013 Runner up, International Jousting Tournament of St George, Blacktown, Australia
2013 Champion – Skill at Arms, International Tournament of St George, Blacktown, Australia
2013 Equal 3rd place, Australian Jousting Championships, Bathurst, Australia
2013 Jousting Champion, Grail of Chivalry World Invitational Joust Tournament, New Zealand
2013 Runner Up, Grail of Chivalry, Grail of Chivalry World Invitation Joust Tournament, New Zealand

Sarah Hay 2