One Easy Way to Support the Abbey

All you need to do is sign up to volunteer (for as little as 4 hours) at the Redcliffe Festival and you will be directly bringing in money and helping the Abbey Museum and the Abbey Medieval Festival!!

The Abbey Museum (as the organiser of the Abbey Medieval Festival) has partnered with ‘Our Village’,  and as one of their ‘101 Causes’ we will generate much needed funds for the Museum!

AND YES THE ROLES ARE EASY … AND FUN!!  (Volunteers at the Redcliffe Festival will also get first hand information on volunteering opportunities at the upcoming Jousting Spectacular being held in November).

“WHAT DO I NEED TO DO??”    Well, just sign up to help at the Redcliffe Festival being held in early September and the Abbey Museum will receive $10 (YES – $10!!!) for every hour you help!!

What you could bring in:   3 X 4 hour shifts = $120!!

What 4 friends could bring in:  4 @ 3 x 4 hour shifts = $480!!   Oh WOW!!

The plan is that Abbey Volunteers will be rostered at the same stall so you can have lots of fun together!!


Front line/ Customer service / Order taking:

    • Service to customers / Order taking / Accurate money handling / Filling drinks order / Keeping stall clean and tidy / Restocking

Back line/ Preparation

    • Preparing items for sale / Food preparation / Fulfilling orders / Restocking / Cleaning and rubbish removal


FRIDAY NIGHT 5th SEPTEMBER from 5pm to 11pm

SATURDAY 6th SEPTEMBER from 8am to 5pm

SUNDAY 7th SEPTEMBER from 8am to 5pm

Shifts are generally four (4) hours in duration  and each volunteer will receive a thankyou bag full of goodies, including a shirt!


STALL MANAGERS (These are paid positions!!):

  • Must be available Friday night, Saturday and Sunday of the Festival weekend.
  • $600 to keep for yourself or donate part or all to the Abbey Museum.
    • Manage a control sheet for restocking of food & drinks.
    • Manage your team of volunteers – shifts, uniforms, hygiene, procedures
    • Organise all food & drinks to be restocked & ready for next shift
    • Stall clean & ready for service prior to each shift
    • Ensure processes are working smoothly & adapt any changes as required.

A one (1) hour Volunteer Induction must be attended at the Our Village offices, 8 Snook Street, Clontarf.

Choose from one of the following:  Thurs 28th Aug,  6-7pm;    Fri 29th Aug, 6-7pm;      Sat 30th Aug 10am  or   Sat 30 Aug  2pm

TO APPLY or REGISTER FOR ANY OF THE ABOVE ROLES go to: .   Make sure you mention you are an Abbey supporter!!



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A Wayward Sound

A Wayward Sound


For more than a dozen years the characteristic sound of Wayward’s hurdy gurdy and medieval pipes has been part of the Abbey Medieval Festival.

The name of the band relates to the portrayal of the wandering musicians of the Middleages. Often referred to as “Jongleurs”, these musicians would travel the country playing for nobility and common folk alike. Not under the protection of lord and law these musicians stood outside normal society ― ‘wayward’, but free. They would travel from town to town bearing news and entertaining people by playing music, juggling and acting out short plays and fables often utilising puppets, masks and costumes.

Wayward_Abbey 2006As the festival grew, so did their involvement ― from just wandering the grounds playing music to entertaining at the Abbey Medieval banquets, holding lectures and facilitating workshops.

In line with a true portrayal of Jongleurs, Wayward expanded its performance repertoire to also include medieval street theatre elements ― namely hobbyhorses as well as a giant processional puppet.
The hobbyhorses became so popular with the public, that the Abbey decided to hold hobby-horse making workshops in 2006, asking Ricarda to lead these.

Wayward’s repertoire extends from the early 11th Century to the 16th Century with the main focus on the songs of the French Trouvères and Troubadours and German Minnesingers, who while singing songs of unrequited love, also sang of crusades and the basic pleasures in life ― eating, drinking and the prospect of warm bed. Wayward perform songs in English, French, German, Swedish & Latin.

Check out Wayward’s new CD “Rota Fortunae” on Soundcloud:



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Gurning – what is it?

Admittedly, I had no idea what gurning was until recently, and boy was I surprised when I went to do a little research!



According to the English Dialect Dictionary, to ‘gurn’ means to pull a grotesque face, ‘to snarl as a dog; to look savage; to distort the countenance.’ Gurning contests have been a rural English tradition for centuries, and it’s probably no surprise that these have evolved into a World Gurning Competition. They are thought to have originated in about 1297 at the Egremont Crab Fair, which is rather aptly named after the sour crab apple. The winner is obviously the person who can pull the ugliest face.

There are competitions for men, ladies and juniors, and contestants traditionally frame their faces through a horse collar, known as gurnin’ through a braffin’. Apparently this makes it easier to manipulate your face.

Screen shot 2014-07-07 at 3.16.50 PM

The best known gurner in England is Peter Jackman, who won the world championship four times.  He had his teeth removed in 2000 to make his features easier to manoeuvre.

Check out the Gurning Competition at the Friars Folly Tavern, Saturday and Sunday 12.30pm at the Abbey Medieval Festival 12th and 13th of July.


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The easiest way to walk straight into the festival

New systems, no more queues!!!!!!!

(No Jokes!)

Follow these easy steps;

1. Purchase your entry tickets online.

2. Drive to Caboolture on the 12th or 13th of July (or both, let’s face it you need two days!)

3. Park over the road from the Caboolture Train Station (Council parking area – FREE)

4. Cross the Road to the Train Station where our FREE Bus departs to the festival every half an hour

5. Sit back and enjoy the short bus ride knowing you won’t be standing in a queue with thousands of other people, oh, and wait for the volunteers on the bus to check your pre-paid ticket, and give you your wristband.

6. Get off the bus, walk straight into the festival – because you already have your wristband, and therefore do not have to queue at the gate.

7. Optional final point, head to the Abbey Museum shop to buy souvenirs you don’t normally have the time to buy!

Our Pleasure :)



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Making the Most of the Heroes of the Abbey Trading Cards


Your faithful Abbey Guide to making the most of the Heroes of the Abbey Trading Cards! AMF2014_TradingCards_Map_WebThis is our recommended path to take to collect as many signatures of the individuals and groups featured in the Heroes of the Abbey Trading Cards.

On the Map

0. This is where you start your adventure, collecting or buying your trading cards from the stall beside the abbey stall. Be sure to say hello to me :)

19. This is this is the first signature you should collect, they are located directly behind the stall where you can buy the trading cards.

18. Collect signatures from one or all of the members of Cottereaux at their encampment.

22. Head to the encampment of the Knights order of Lion Rampant to collect this signature.

21. Head to the jousting to collect this knight’s signature. Fair warning, he may be jousting when you get there, so please be patient.

13-17. Collect a mass of signatures! Look for these individuals at the Rusland New Varangian Guard Encampment.

24. If you are feeling a little sick or just want to collect the next signature, head to the Companie of Knights Bachelor.

27-28. Head to the Companye of Northumbria for these two signatures. Make sure you ask them what their mottos mean!

23. Embrace “The Foolish Life” with Das Torichte Leben and collect this signature.

29-30. Head to the Society of Sail for these two signatures, but watch out for arrows!

20. Collect signatures from The Company of the phoenix at their encampment.

4. Collect a signature from someone working or attending the Stag Inn.


Not on the Map

1-3. Festival Wild Cards. Our recommendation is to find individuals whose costumes inspire you. Or collect the signatures from your favourite memories!

5-7. Some of our incredible volunteers and-coordinators. Look out for them all over the festival.

9-12. These members of company of the wolf are not formally at the festival, but make sure you look out for them throughout the day!

25-26. Keep an eye out for these knights throughout the festival!. Look for Danny at the merchant’s district.



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First Medieval Banquet for 2014 a huge success

Were you one of the lucky ones, the ones who dined on countless removes of authentic medieval cuisine?

Two nights ago over 300 guests enjoyed the ultimate Medieval Banquet experience, including food, revelry and entertainment. How amazing does this banquet scene look!? The festive atmosphere has been captured perfectly by our wonderful volunteer photographers, a team led by Jeff Fitzpatrick.

Love these images? Did you know you can purchase printed copies via our online shop, they will arrive in your mailbox ( like, the old fashioned kind of mailbox!). Just mention the filename of the image you want to purchase in printed form,  in the notes section of the shopping cart.

We know you all love the entertainment, and here is a little video put together by the amazing people from Phoenix Fire Tribe, street performers who never fail to entertain our crowds.

Now to do it all again next Saturday……. #weloveabbey

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My Banquet Experience

My Banquet Experience
By Pats Lundberg-Day

Last year was my first year at the Abbey Festivals’ Medieval Banquet and WOW! My Husband and I had been anticipating it as I prepared our outfits for the night. We had some preconceptions about how it might be but in no way were we expecting what we got. Did it live up to our expectations? NO IT DID NOT! To be truthful it far exceeded them all.

When we arrived we joined the line waiting patrons who had also obviously spent many hours and or dollars on their costumes. The display of regalia was superb, from full skirts to fur hats, belts garnished by every medieval accessory required for such an event. As the line moved we had the opportunity to watch other Lords & Ladies take their turn to have a photo taken of themselves in a special portrait booth and, of course, we had ours done also. What a great souvenir of the night!

Our anticipation grew as we edged closer to the Banquet Hall, spurred on by medieval buskers. We approached the table with tickets in hand and were introduced to our first medieval custom of the night. Our hands were washed with fragrant rose-scented water and gently dried. I mean, the last time that happened to me I was a wee toddler and the washer was my Mum. Off to a good start.

We entered a Banquet Hall, the surrounding walls covered with giant banners, tables decorated with ivy and candles, subdued lighting (but not dark) at the front of the Hall was the High Table for Honoured Guests. Unfortunately we were not to be seated there but had been lucky enough to purchase tickets on the centre isle and quite close to the front. We found our seats and sat for several moments just taking it all in. My husband was a little confused as to why there was the cut bottom of a large round loaf of bread in front of him. Luckily the person next to him had been to previous events and stopped him before he could break off a piece of the bread. ‘That’s your plate’ he said and proceeded to educate us about the ‘trencher’. Phew, just dodged our first arrow.

Then we spotted the Bar and made our way across. I ordered a Mulled Wine and Hubby had a Honey Mead. Both were so yummy we were back in the line soon after for seconds.

We just made it back to our seats when the Honoured Guests arrived in a procession down the isle. I curtsied deeply and Hubby bowed low as they passed by. The Steward of the Hall introduced each of the High Table Guests. Oh my Goodness, this guy kept us in stitches all night with medieval style banters and quips. At one point he chanted something in Latin and his voice was so powerful it gave me goose bumps.

The sumptuous food was served over several courses, or ‘removes’ in medieval terms, each platter was shared among those seated around us and there was plenty to go around. If there was anything left on the platters my Hubby cleaned them off. He’s a huge eater that never puts on weight so I was quite astonished that he commented on how full he was by the end.

Throughout the night my excitement levels were kept high by entertainment from the Steward of the Hall, roving minstrels, a band of gypsy dancers in stunning costumes and jewellery. Just when I thought it couldn’t get any better the Fire Tribe performed a breathtaking display. I could have reached out and touched them and the heat which emanated from their fire sticks and hoops took my heart rate to fever pitch.

All too soon the Honoured Guests were escorted from the High Table. We were reluctant to leave the Hall and the new friends we’d made, but all good things must come to an end. We talked about the event all the way home and then went through it all again over a coffee & port, promising that we would return for the next years’ Banquet.

We saw the Facebook post on the Abbey Medieval Festival page about the new ‘Premium Seating’. I thought “Oh my, I can get all this again plus the ability to rest my tender tushy on a cushy. I’m getting our tickets the day they go on sale”.

To finish up, I can’t wait till Banquet night is upon us again, Tickets have been purchased and printed out, costumes have been made and we’re bringing friends with us who have never been before. I can’t wait to see the smiles on their faces. My only regret is that we have to wait a whole year between events.

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Why come to the Friar’s Folly Tavern?

Why come to the Friar’s Folly Tavern?307016_408526502531353_1590595320_n
To taste medieval beverages
To listen to the talented performers
To relax and soak up the medieval atmosphere
To partake in a beef/pork and gravy roll. Supplied by the lions club of Bribie

Enjoy a range of drinks including:

Alcoholic beverages
Rumours Semillon Sauvignon Blanc $4.00 100ml
Rumours Merlot $4.00 100ml
Celtic heather ale $5.00 200ml
Elderflower summer ale $5.00 200ml
Peroni Leggera $6.00 330ml
Cascade Light $5.00 375ml
Strongbow original $6.00 355ml
Strongbow Sweet $6.00 355ml
Strongbow Pear $6.00 355ml
Mulled Wine (Spiced, warm, red wine) $5.00 100ml
Honey Mead (sweet, honey liqueur – honeymoon drink) $5.00 100ml
Non-alcoholic beverages
Norfolk Punch (13th century recipe to cure lowness of spirit and other conditions. Full of herbs and spices) $3.00 200ml
Apple Isle Cider $3.00 375ml
Elderflower Cordial $3.00 300ml
Bottled Water $2.00 500ml
Raspberry cordial $3.00 300ml
Apricot syrup $3.00 200ml

Norfolk punch – Healthy, non-alcoholic drink that is natures answer to tenseness, tiredness, and lowness of spirit.
Ingredients include:
Fennel, poppy, cinnamon, clove, nutmeg, peppermint, elder flower, elder berry, thyme, rosemary, camomile, ginger root and more.

Celtic heather ale and elderflower summer ale – herbs, fruit, spices and other ingredients were added to ale to make it taste nicer. Before the introduction of hops, ale was weak and had to be consumed the day it was made. It was the duty of the women to make the ale everyday as it was safer to drink, water was not safe.

See you there!

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A Giant Update

Preparing stencils for screen printing jester costume

Preparing stencils for screen printing jester costume

First day of the Giant making was a huge success! Upatree Arts introduced us to the giants we would be making, the Green Man and Jester.

So far this has been an amazing opportunity for supporters of the Abbey Medieval Festival to create something that will feature at the Festival during our 25th anniversary.

We started the day by creating the stencils that we will be using for screen printing the Jester’s costume.

Green man's costume fabric drying in the sun - sun printing technique

Green man’s costume fabric drying in the sun – sun printing technique

We were taught a technique called “Sun Printing” which we then practiced on calico bags (Which we then got to take home!) before using what we had learnt to print on two 10-meter long pieces of fabric.

Screen printing of jester costume day 1

Screen printing of jester costume

We were then taught how to “Screen Print” (which we got to practice on our take home bags) and finished up the day by printing some of the jester’s costume with our stencils. The giants still have a ways to go, but we cannot wait to see them taking shape.

A massive thank you to Upatree Arts (seriously guys, thank you!)

For more details on what we will be doing in the next few sessions be sure to check the links below.

Upatree Arts Giants Parade Workshop: Body Frame Construction

Upatree Arts Giants Parade Workshop: Body Frame Construction 2

Upatree Arts Giants Parade Workshop: Costume Design and Construction

Keep up to date by following us on Facebook and Twitter.

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MEDIEVAL MARKETPLACE: Food, Wine, Weapons and Crafts.

Good morrow, good people. The year 2014 carries us to the 25th anniversary of the annual Abbey Medieval Festival. This silver celebration will see the Medieval Marketplace bustling with excitement as Brave Knights, Warriors and Fair Ladies come from across the ages to choose where to spend their hard earned Gold Pieces. Fill your bellies with food from across the Middle Ages. Find the licensed taverns to enjoy medieval brews. Browse rows of markets to adorn yourselves with various medieval crafts and weaponry. All of our exciting markets will be easy to find with a two page spread in the festival program – read on to get to know what to expect from the Medieval Marketplace.

Melt in your mouth Lamb Shanks from Catering with Flair.

Melt in your mouth Lamb Shanks from Catering with Flair.

The Medieval Marketplace will be brimming with foods from the Middle Ages of Western Europe and the Near East. Imagine the scent of hot baking bread, sizzling whole pig on the spit, lamb shanks, venison, beef, chicken legs and fire grilled sausages. Now, think about a bouquet of spiced vegetables and stews cooked over a hot wood fire. Flavours that have been enjoyed for centuries all come to life at the Abbey. Foods that make the cool Abbey days warm. Taste the sweet delights that have been made with ancient recipes, all perfect for a weekend of medieval faire fun. There are options available for all diets – vegan, vegetarian, gluten free and those with a nagging sweet tooth. No need to pack a lunch, feast at the festival!

The famous Stag Inn - warm fire, food and company!

The famous Stag Inn – warm fire, food and company!

The famous Stag Inn and Friars Folly Tavern will be helping us all to celebrate in fine medieval style. The Stag Inn, found in the main market area, will be serving their renowned array of hot pies, platters and toasted mulled wine, medieval ciders and cordials in a rustic straw laden encampment, complete with fire and wooden tables. At the Jousting end of the festival you’ll find Friars Folly Tavern, positioned right next door to the musical entertainment, Friars Folly is a prime location for merriness and tasting of premium recipes of herbed beer, and it is only a stone’s throw from the Jousting Arena!

The choice of Craft and Weaponry found at the festival makes holding on to Gold Pieces even more difficult than the smell of fresh food. Be prepared to find quality medieval items ranging from superior clothing, home decor, swords, axes, helms, games, jewellery, museum souvenirs and artwork from specialist merchants with the tricks of the trade.

The Medieval Fightclub - your one stop shop for all things weaponry!

The Medieval Fightclub – one stop shop for all things weaponry.

With all of this in mind, be sure to pick up a program at the gates. All of the stalls will be numbered on an easy to use map. The food, craft and licensed areas will be named and numbered, and speciality stalls with vegan, gluten free and vegetarian options highlighted for ease of enjoyment at the festival. We are looking forward to showcasing the finest medieval merchants at the 2014 Abbey Medieval Festival. Help us celebrate the Middle Ages in all of its glory.

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