New Ticket Prices for 2016

Are you ready for the Abbey Medieval Festival 2016?!

We certainly are! So to get you started, we would love to give you some information on the ticket prices for this year.

medieval festivalTickets will on sale VERY SOON, so make sure you subscribe to our newsletter to be the first to know!

The Festival will run, like normal, over the 2 day weekend, on the 9th and 10th July, but if you’re just wanting to come for 1 day, your ticket price for an adult will be $31.50 if you prepay online, or $37.00 at the gate on the day.

If you’re wanting the full experience of the WHOLE weekend (both Saturday and Sunday), an adult ticket will cost you just $42.00 if prepay online, or $47.50 at the gate.

To watch any one of our amazing and authentic Jousts, grab your ticket at just $4.00 per person per session.

The Medieval Festival is an entirely different experience than you’ve ever had before, and we can almost guarantee you will find something you absolutely love here, so why not bring the whole family and enjoy a lovely day out, or the whole weekend! For a family ticket for just the 1 day, you’re looking at just $84.00 if you prepay online, or $90.00 at the gate. We would love you to bring the family for the whole weekend, and at just $92.00 for prepaid tickets ($99 at the gate), why wouldn’t you?!

If you are after the FULL experience, in your very own luxury seating, then our VIP experience is what you need. You will be treated to your own private guided entrance into the Festival and a carpark space for VIPs only. Once inside, you will be invited to indulge in a served morning tea, lunch, and afternoon tea, along with your own VIP’s only bar. And a VIP only toilet aswell, so no long waits in lines! Premium seating at all Jousts is included in your ticket, so you won’t miss out on any of the action in the arena! A VIP ticket will cost you  $174 for the day, and with meals, drinks, and all Jousts included, this is great value for money.

If you would like to take it up a notch and really immerse yourself even more in the Medieval way of life, attending one of our beautiful Banquets is definitely for you. Gather some friends, have fun dressing up in some amazing and glorious clothing of that Era, and enjoy an enormous Medieval feast at our deluxe banquet tables! We host 2 Banquets, the first on the 25th June and the second on the 2nd July. You can purchase tickets to these Banquets online very soon, from $95 per ticket.

For more information on all tickets types including children, concession and carers, please see our website VERY SOON.

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Volunteer your time to work at any of the numerous jobs needed at the Festival

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Meet the Jousters – Part 1 2016

The Jousts at the Abbey Medieval Festival are one of the main attractions, and draw in people with a love of that Era, as well as the general public alike. We welcome the Jousters from previous years, as well as the new faces (and horses) to our 2016 Abbey Medieval Festival!

Please meet some of the Jousters for 2016

 Jouster Alison Mercer – Canada


Riding since childhood, Alison took up jousting in 2010 and rode her first international tournament in 2012. Since then she has ridden extensively throughout Canada and the USA. In 2014, she was the first western Canadian to joust in the southern hemisphere, winning Tournament Australis of the Southern Cross series, and making her debut at Abbey Medieval Festival. Alison is thrilled to return to Abbey in 2016 and counts Australia as one of her favourite countries to visit, even with the deadly wildlife.

Motto: Fortiter et Fideliter (Boldly and Faithfully)

Heraldry: Representing her family and her affinity for the Holy Roman Empire. The dexter side of the shield represents the Mercer coat-of-arms and the sinister side portrays the triband of the Archduchy of Austria as a homage to Kaiser Maximilian.

joust justin

Jouster Justin Holland – Australia

One of the progenitors of the modern sport of jousting, Justin has been jousting since 1996, and since then has jousted in most states of Australia, New Zealand, Belgium, France and Poland. He was hired to set up and train the joust team for the new Kryal Castle, Ballarat, in 2012. Justin now runs Nova Hollandia Entertainment, a historical education and entertainment company in NSW, has been runner up at the Abbey Tournament 7 times, and Champion 3 times!

Motto: Invictus in animo (Unconquered in spirit)

Heraldry: Trois argent fleur de lys, gules ( 3 white fleur de lys on a red field).

Jouster Marc Hamel – Canada

marc joustMarc is a Veteran of the Canadian Armed Forces, armourer and sculptor. He has been a Jouster since 2006, and has participated in over 20 International tournaments in Belgium, France, England, Poland, Italy, USA and Canada. He was the Team Champion of the Lys d’Argent in Canada in 2012, has the Honor of Chivalry of the King John III (Poland 2013) and was Champion of the Revel (California,USA, 2014).

Motto: “Allons-y” meaning let’s go

Check back again soon for more on our Jousters for 2016!

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Meet Our New Event Manager!

With the Abbey Medieval Festival coming up again in July, we’d like to introduce to you our new, wonderful and very excited Event Manager for the Festival,

Colleen Ogilvie!


A little from Colleen about herself, her life, and what about the Festival and her job that she loves!

“So, a little bit of ‘goss’ about me hey? The new Event Manager for the Abbey Medieval Festival!

Where to start.. I live locally at Bribie Island (and yes, my husband organised a pre-nup agreement – I had to be prepared to live here for the rest of my life or no marriage – so of course I said yes to this terrible demand!!)

I love horses (I have competed and even done a bit of horse archery!) and arty/crafty stuff. I love making things (when I have the time) and doing a bit of sewing – tending to make creative clothing without patterns – just working it out as I go! I love nature and getting out into the great outdoors – very much at home in a simple camping environment! Our family spent 2 months in 2015 travelling to the Kimberleys and doing the Gibb River Road – just loved it!!

I have a work history of being involved in office administration, events coordinating and running an award-winning family tourism business. However, one day in late 2011, I decided I needed to do something JUST for myself…. So, I volunteered at the Abbey Museum of Art & Archaeology as the Volunteer Coordinator for the Abbey Medieval Festival. No small task, but one I thoroughly loved – both the challenge and the ultimate fulfilment of supporting all the wonderful volunteers.

I was doing this role as well as being a wife, mother and running our charter boat tourism business so it was a pretty hectic time for a while until we sold the business in late 2012.

Volunteers have been a passion of mine since putting in place the volunteer team for the first local Urban Country Music Festival for the then Caboolture Shire Council.

So over the past 4+ years I have been involved in the Maxime Heroica (volunteer team) for the Festival. After the business sale, due to my range of skills, I have been able to work at the Museum in various roles such as helping with the Museum events, crowd funding, and group visits.


With Edie moving into other important growth areas of the Museum, it was a major unexpected surprise when this role was offered to me. I certainly did not see it coming!! I was both very humbled as well as excited to be more involved in such an amazing event. I see it as a way to support the Museum and it’s ethos as well as all the people involved in the Festival – the re-enactors, the volunteers, and the co-ordinators just to name a few.

I work with the ideals of co-operation and believing in people – working with our strengths as well as our weaknesses and finding the best way forward for all. Nothing is right or wrong – it is about the correct ‘fit’, leaving our personal ‘agendas’ behind and making the best decision to achieve the best end result.

I am loving the challenge and I have enormous support from the 25 other co-ordinators of the Festival, as well as the Museum staff, volunteers and of course Edie, Michael and the Board of the Museum. This is certainly not a role that can be done on ones own! It takes a team!

And an amazing team at that! I am VERY excited about what this years Festival will bring. Not just in entertainment and experiences, but in growing the sense of comradeship, goodwill and greater cooperation between all those involved.

I am really looking forward to enjoying this years Festival with you all!”

We welcome Colleen with open arms into this new role, and put behind her all of our support, belief and trust that she will, along with Edie and the entire team, bring you a bigger and better Festival than ever before!

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To volunteer your time for either the Festival Weekend, the Banquet nights, or any other events, please click here.

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Dates you might need to know for the 2016 Abbey Medieval Festival!

Competition for Graphic Design of Poster etc Closes 30 October

Stall Holder Expression of interest now open, until 30 April

Re-enactment group Expression of interest closes 30 November

Applications to join volunteer Photography team open 1st April 2016

Applications for Weapons permit close 1st July


Medieval Banquets: 25th June, and 2nd July

Abbey Medieval Festival 9 & 10 July

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Are you our Graphic Designer for the 2016 Festival?


APPLY NOW to win the opportunity to become our official volunteer Graphic Designer of the 2016 Abbey Medieval Festival!


1. Submit your concept design for the 2016 Abbey Medieval Festival Poster using image/s from our 2015 gallery on this website before the 23rd of October to

2. Include in your submission a concept design for the Abbey Medieval Festival Facebook Page Cover Image.

3. Make sure you are a fan/friends of the Abbey Medieval Festival on Facebook Page.

4. Include a brief description of any history you may have with the Abbey Museum or Medieval Festival (visitor, enthusiast, reenactor, performer etc)

5. In 100 words or less, or 35 seconds on Video, tell us why you are the perfect person to be our designer for the 2016 Abbey Medieval Festival.

NOTE: This is not a paid position.

Winner will receive a prize of $1,000 AUD

Winner must be an Australian citizen or Permanent resident.

Abbey Medieval Festival 2015

2013 Abbey Medieval Festival Poster Image

What is involved in being the Graphic Designer for 2016?

1. Working to briefs set by the Marketing Manager to develop the following collateral within set timelines;

Website Header and buttons

Social Media covers

Emails banners

Supporter logos

Ticket artwork

Official Program and Map



Other groovy things as discussed between the Marketing manager and winner, subject to time available.

What you recieve as a reward for being the 2016 Graphic Designer?

1. $1,000 upon completion of accepted collateral

2. LinkedIn Endorsement

3. Body of Work for your portfolio, for an award winning significant regional event.

Please do not apply to be our Graphic Designer in 2016 if;

1. You do not have at least one day per week to devote to communication, artwork and edits, between the Beginning of November 2015 and the end of June 2016.

2. You do not have a passion for the Museum or the Festival.

3. You do not have a passion for engaging audiences through your artwork.

To let us know you are VERY KEEN, or for more information, please contact Sues on


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Kids are King

Kids are King

The Abbey Medieval Festival is the perfect outing for kids. It’s a Must Do for your calendar this year. If you choose to do one special thing with your little people in 2015, this should be it.

Why? Let me tell you a story.

Not far from the Abbey Museum, about an hour away from Brisbane heading north, is a strawberry farm. I recently took my kids there, to experience the joys of being outdoors and getting back to the old days of hunting and gathering for food. It’s character building. And we had a ball. The kids got dirty, they played in hay bales, they laughed, they ate real strawberry ice cream and then went home – full of sunshine, strawberries and happy memories. This adventure reminded me of our last time at the Medieval Festival, and I started to draw similarities. These do not end at the sunshine and treats. No, it’s much more profound.

The Festival is about connecting with history. Just like the simple task of plucking strawberries from a stalk, the festival is about getting back to our roots. It’s about showing kids a snapshot of the history of mankind. What I loved about the strawberry farm was the distinct absence of theme park-like attractions, and it was a breath of fresh air. The Abbey Medieval Festival is very much the same.

The Festival will give your kids a chance to step into the world of princes and princesses, be king for a day! They will feel dirt under their feet, wind in their hair, and the buzz they feel will be from cannon fire reverberating through their bodies, not from the after effects of fairy floss. From hearing the clang of metal on metal, and the shouts of raucous crowds. It’s thrilling. Throw away the dagwood dogs, and step off the Chair-o-plane. Give your kids a far more real experience of a lifetime, and take them along to the Medieval Festival.

Some of the best attractions that kids are sure to love include the many different music performances, dancing, and of course the jousting tournaments. There will be birds of prey, archery displays and juggling. It’s a preservative free feast for the senses!

See you there.


Nicole is a paediatric Occupational Therapist and Managing Director of Gateway Therapies. 

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Downtown Abbey brings more to your festival experience

The Abbey Medieval Festival prides itself on bringing history to life – and at Downtown Abbey we bring you to a place that allows you to dip your toes in history, while enjoying the pleasures of the 21st century. 

Conveniently located as you make your way to the festival gates, Downtown Abbey is a quaint village that provides you with the essentials you need for a fun-filled family day out.

Equipped with ATMs, phone charging facilities, photo booth, cloakroom, bubz hub, the last coke stand, a sausage sizzle, festival merchandise and a bunch of interesting stalls, plus plenty of seating and roving performers, Downtown Abbey is the perfect escape from the hustle and bustle of the festival.

You’ve been asking for it – and now it’s here! The Bubz Hub is perfect for parents and the youngest festival goers. The Hub is fully equipped with baby feeding and change areas, plus bottle heating equipment – and most importantly, somewhere comfy to rest your feet.

We love our Sponsors! And we know you will too! Each year local businesses dig deep and support the festival that we all love so much. This year, they will be onsite at Downtown Abbey.

 We will have McDonalds Bribie Island & Bribie Interchange (the McDonalds just off the Highway) who will be giving away some fantastic (and delicious) vouchers including buy 1 get 1 free Bacon & Egg McMuffin.

The ever-awesome Telstra Van will be rolling up to Downtown Abbey and offering free mobile phone charging stations – you don’t want your phone going dead from taking so many awesome photos at the festival.

Test your artistic skills at the North Harbour marquee with some free colouring-in … how well can you stay between the lines?

Sylvan Beach Resort will also have an onsite presence so make sure you pop by and say hi!

Want to win YOUR Ultimate Moreton Bay experience? Of course you do!

Well, make sure you stop by the Kombi Krew at the Visit Moreton Bay Region Photobooth for your chance to win either a Family Bayside Weekend, Woodford Folk Festival experience or a Romantic Hinterland Escape. While you’re there, jump inside the Kombi and get your photo taken and take home your photo strip!

After checking out all the exciting stuff happening at Downtown Abbey, you might be a bit peckish! The last coke stand (you can’t purchase soft drink when in the festival) is the perfect place to pick up a soft drink and a sausage sizzle, or even some Ice Cream over at the Baskin Robbins stand before making your way to the festival (or home!). 

There’s stacks to see and do at Downtown Abbey – you’re must-do stop before you reach the festival!

Proud sponsors of the 2015 Abbey Medieval Festival 


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Win an ipad mini at the Abbey

Win an ipad mini at the Abbey thanks to our sponsors North Harbour

It is simple, let your kids enter the colour in competition, simply by colouring in this castle here, enter by dropping the picture/entry in to the North Harbour stand at Downtown Abbey, the sponsor village before you get to the gates, and you may be the new owner of an ipad mini.


North Harbour sponsors Abbey Medieval Festival in 2015

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History never tasted so good – know your medieval tipple!

Here is handy guide on the delicious drinks you will find at the festival.

Ales & Beers:  The oldest recorded recipes are over 3000 years old and brewing was originally ‘women’s work’, using a mix of malt and water to make the popular Ale favoured by the lower class and often consumed in place of water.  The magic of hops was discovered and beer (as we know it today) was born.


In addition to premium bottled beer offering at the festival, such as Peroni and James Boags, why not try Celtic Heather Ale  (Celtic red ale with organic heather tips, originally used throughout Ireland & Scotland before hops. Easy drinking nutty tasting ale with a nice floral aroma) or Elderflower Summer Ale (A light refreshing English Ale made with Elderflowers. The elderflowers give it a lovely floral aroma & unique taste).


                                                          Wines:  Enjoyed by nobility, wines were produced from a wide variety of ingredients including cherry, current, raspberry and pomegranate.  Why not make your festival experience a little noble and enjoy a cup or two of hearty mulled wine from Friars Folly tavern, a red wine that has been warmed an infused with deliciously spicy aromatics including cinnamon, nutmeg and cloves.


Mead:  Made by fermenting honey (and often infused with spices, herbs or fruit) mead has enjoyed a reputation as being the chosen tipple of the Greek Gods and fairy folk. The sweet honey beverage was also favoured by Viking honeymooners as an aphrodisiac to add a little sweetness to their nuptials.  Add a little of that sweetness to your festival experience with a glass of ale from Friar’s Folly, made with premium honey from the Chateau Dorrien in the Barossa Valley.

Norfolk Punch:  Stemming from an ancient recipe in the Welle Manor Hall, the Benedictine Monks recorded the recipe for this ‘cure-all’.  This non-alcoholic punch enjoyed favour in medieval times until King Henry the VIII abolished the monastic orders and the recipe was lost.  In 1980, the new owner of Welle Manor was fortunate to re-discover the recipe which includes 26 natural ingredients including nutmeg, elder beery, meadowsweet and cinnamon.


Cider and Perry: Cider seems to be somewhat of a new trend these days, but cider has a long and delicious history! Cider is the fermented juice of apples, and perry is the fermented juice of pears. These delicious, fruity drinks are a light, sweet alternative to beer. We will be serving both beverages at the festival and we will have non-alcoholic versions as well. Our cider and perry is Three Oakes brand, proudly made at the Step Rd Winery in South Australia.

All this and more will be available at this year’s Abbey Medieval Festival – we cannot wait to give some of these a try! For more information, check out this fun site with recipes you can try yourself!

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McDonald’s Bribie Island and Bribie Interchange support the Abbey

McDonald’s Bribie support the Abbey Medieval Festival in 2015

We know a lot of you travel far to attend this event, and many of you are locals too. Our local businesses love to help support this major fundraising event for the Abbey Museum of Art and Archaeology. Let’s support them right back.

Check out these vouchers valid until the 31st of July 2015!

Special Offers for Abbey Medieval Festival Visitors

Screen Shot 2015-07-07 at 12.47.25 pm





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